Wrecker 2015 Full Movie Watch Online

Wrecker 2015 Full Movie Watch Online



  • Writers: Micheal Bafaro
  • Director: Micheal Bafaro
  • Starring: Anna Hutchison, Andrea Whitburn, Jennifer Koenig
  • Genres: Action, Horror, Thriller
  • Release Date : 6 November 2015 (USA)

Wrecker :

STORY: Emily (Hutchinson) and Leslie (Whitburn) are besties who embark on a long road trip in order to join some other friends for a party. As they hurtle along in their red Mustang on a lonely highway in the American Northwest, their journey takes a turn for the worse. They come across and are harassed by the driver of a big-rig tow truck. It soon becomes a matter of life and death for the girls.

MOVIE REVIEW: This film is said to be a take on Steven Spielberg’s 1971 TV movie Duel, but apart from borrowing the premise of road rage taken to the extreme, that’s where similarities end. Duel’s sole male protagonist is now swapped for two party girls, whose road trip is meant to culminate in a weekend of debauchery and fun. Leslie is the wilder one, who swallows ale and inhales weed with rapacious glee, even though designated driver Emily tut-tuts her and urges moderation. But Leslie has no patience – even for a lumbering tow truck that obstructs their speed and path – and bounces around in her seat impatiently like a simian on speed.

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