Vennello Hai Hai (2016) Telugu Movie | Watch Online Free

Vennello Hai Hai (2016) Telugu Movie | Watch Online Free

Movie Description :

  • Movie : Vennello Hai Hai
  • Director : Vamsi
  • Writers : Vamsi
  • Starring : Ajmal, Nikitha Narayan
  • Release date : February 05 2016
  • Country : India
  • Languages : Telugu

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Story :

Susheel(Ajmal) is a happy go lucky software engineer working in Mumbai. His parents fix his alliance with a girl named Satya(Nikita Narayanan) and ask him to meet her. During this time, Susheel’s parents showcase his horoscope to their spiritual guru. To their huge shock, they find out that their son is already married.

They reveal the same thing to Susheel who gets equally shocked. Upset with this, he suddenly remembers his childhood days where he got married to Tanuja during a fun kids game. A curious Shusheel now starts looking for Tanuja.

Who is this Tanuja ? Will Susheel find her finally ? and what happens to Satya during this time ? That forms the rest of the story.

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