A Christmas Horror Story 2015 Movie

Yaripk presents the Movie Of Hollywood”A Christmas Horror Story” Directed by Grant Harvey Steven Hoban Brett Sullivan Written by Jason Filiatrault James Kee Sarah Larsen in lead roles exclusively on YariPk.

A Christmas Horror Story 2015 Movie

A Christmas Horror Story
Directed by Grant Harvey
Steven Hoban
Brett Sullivan
Produced by David Hayter
Written by Jason Filiatrault
James Kee
Sarah Larsen
Doug Taylor
Pascal Trottier
Music by Alex Khaskin
Cinematography Gavin Smith
Edited by Brett Sullivan
D. Gillian Truster
Copperheart Entertainment
Distributed by Image Entertainment (DVD)
RLJ Entertainment (all media)
Running time
99 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

A Christmas Horror Story 2015

A Christmas Horror Story is a 2015 anthology horror film that was directed by Grant Harvey, Steven Hoban, and Brett Sullivan. It premiered on July 20, 2015 at the Fantasia International Film Festival and will have a limited theatrical release on October 2, 2015, along with a VOD release. The movie is a series of interwoven stories tied together by a framework story featuring William Shatner as a radio DJ.

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